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I haven't talked about frustrations of mine in a while, have I? Well if I haven't, I'm about to blow up with some right now, so here is your fore warning!
Basically you can just ignore this journal because I'm about to rant really badly, even though I have other work that I need to be doing right now

Anyways, the source of my current frustration (this time) is this Intro to Fiction class that I'm in right now. Don't get me wrong, I love it for being a writer's workshop, and for the hour (and some change) time slot we have available, it works pretty well. 

The thing about it that's really starting to get under my skin is having to read all of these other people's stories. I guess I had my expectations a little too high when I walked into the classroom and saw a bunch of kids that look like they're still in high school sitting there. Well, I say kids, but some, if not most of them are probably legitly college level students.... which is more than I can say for their writing....

Yep, that's the thing that's really grinding my gears right now. Not everything is terrible. In fact, most stories I read I enjoy in one way or another because I can recognize that the ideas behind them are unique and enjoyable. But that writing though! Man, I cannot say it enough! If I were an editor, or even an English teacher, I would think that it's terrible! Personally, though I think it's more on the iffy side if anything. I mean, I understand that this is creative writing and all, and we're allowed to use some creative liberties with our writing, but for the love of all that is holly, you still need to have structure in your writing!!!!!
Grammar issues, punctuation placement problems (which I can understand because I struggle with that as well) and all sorts of other structuring and compositional issues... All of the things that drive me nuts when reading and/or writing a story, I have encountered numerous times already during this class! 

The stories we actually started out the semester with were actually pretty decant and I didn't have a lot of issues with them because they were well thought out and had strong structuring behind them. But, man, as the semester has progressed, things have deteriorated dramatically! These last few weeks there have been at least one story per batch that I have STRUGGLED to get through because I have so many problems with it. Literally, not a page I read goes by without me marking up for grammar, suggestions, or questions trying to figure out what the heck is going on! My grandma has even started joking that "We might make a professional editor out of you yet!" because I take so much time to get through the stories and point out the kinds of mistakes or whatever that editors look for. I'm not kidding either! I write as I read, so if I don't understand, or see something that needs work/clarity, I point it out!

I try not to be one of those kinds of people that is steering people to "write more like me," because honestly I hate those kinds of people myself, so I don't want to come off as that kind of person to other people either. In fact, I'm trying as much as possible to not tell them how to write. But the inner writer in me can't seem to shut up long enough for me to even make it half way into the story before having problems with it. I just keep having the overwhelming compulsion to scribble edit marks all over the place. Which is why I haven't been reading as much lately as I used to. You just get so used to your own writing style and thought processes that it becomes a chore to even attempt to read someone else work. Trust me, I even scribble my thoughts in books that other authors have even gotten published... which is why I'm not allowed to borrow books from the library anymore ^^;

Anyways, I keep saying to myself "If I were a teacher, then...." But if I keep talking like that, I might end up convincing myself to become a writing teacher... But I don't anticipate becoming a teacher any time soon, mostly because of the previously mentioned issue I might have with it. sure, I mostly just give suggestions about commas or other notable issues, but more and more I find myself writing entire suggestions, like words to use instead, or particular phrases that might help the flow out a bit better... But, in a way, that's basically telling them how to write like me (because I write like I think most of the time) and that's not really what I want to be doing :saddummy: Not everybody has been writing as long as I have (and even if they have, I'm sorry, but their work does not reflect that!) so it should, and pretty much is, understandable to me that their work isn't as polished as it could be.

Which brings me to the other major annoyance that I have with the class... I should clarify, though, that this is a newly occurring annoyance, and not one that I have with the whole class itself... And that is the issue of "stream of consciousness" writing. I'll be honest, I was not familiar with the concept either to begin with either. As the teacher explained to us, it's a type of writing style that basically reads like the way a person might think; as a continuous stream of words (or whatever) that convey a thought, and usually don't abide by most, if not any, rules of writing. So basically, virtually no punctuation, run-on sentences, grammar or organizational guidelines apply to stories of that type because it is one big continuous line of thought.... (speak for yourself, by the way, because I definitely think using punctuation and grammar... mostly trying to figure out how to use them correctly XD... and I've sometimes been known to think using emoticons too, in case that isn't completely obvious :dummy:) This journal is stream of consciousness writing. Literally! And yet I'm still able to make it comprehensible and (more or less) organized. Have I not? 

See what my issue is yet? Well, ever since our teacher mentioned this method of writing (and it has actually been brought up many times) at least every other story I've read seems to "conveniently" resemble that particular style of writing (though I have never actually read an official example of this type of writing). In short, I am dissatisfied with the quality of writing that the other students have been presenting. I'm not saying that they've used it as an excuse, but if the shoe fits.... It's basically a way for the other students to get away with bad, rushed writing, and still be able to call it a story. Seriously, in one of the more recent rounds, a bunch of people have asked to switch places with someone else b/c they needed more time or whatever... well, long story short, I get a story from one guy who had said he needed more time to finish his story, and lo and behold, his story looks like crap. I'm sorry, bro, but you know who you are, and if you're reading this, don't kill me, but come on! You expect me to have something good to say about a story that looks like you just threw it together at the last minute even though you got and extension?! :fork:

I mean, i know we're all on a deadline and everything, but we've had our turn schedules out for a while now, and you sure as hell should have know this class was going to involve some writing from day one! Even with other classes and things going on, it shouldn't be that hard to pump out two simple six page short stories for the whole semester! My last creative writing class made me pump out a new short story each week! Heck, I've come up with at least five or six new story ideas that I could easily turn into short stories in the last two weeks! 

I know I probably shouldn't be taking this so personally, but I'm just really passionate about my writing, so I might come off as being a little strong and opinionated about it. I never said you have to agree with me, and if you don't want to take my advice/hear my opinions and what I have to say, than that's fine, I totally understand. Like I said, I'd hate for people to tell me how to write my stories. 

And, as much as I'd just LOVE to continue rambling on, I am very tired right now, and so I digress. 

I'll try to put up a more formal update-journal later on.

Later ;P
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